Monday, August 15, 2011

First day of School, take two!

Ruby on her first day of PreK

Last year Ruby started school at our church and it didn't turn out to be what she (or we) needed. This year we are in Zachary and she just started PreKindergarten at the Zachary Early Learning Center. It is a public school that is exclusively PreK. All of the Zachary schools are set up like this with only a couple grades per school. All of the kids in the district end up going to the same schools all throughout their learning career. According to my mom (the school law expert), all of the data shows this is the optimum way to set up a district. I must say that there is a tremendous sense of community here due to, at least in part, the school district set up. We all cheer for the same team, we all buy the same uniforms, we all deal with the same rules and administrators. If you have nothing else in common with people in this town, you have the schools in common. It is pretty amazing.

Ruby had her first day this past Friday, and she loved it. Today she gets to meet all of the boys in her class (the first two days they had boys attend alone then girls), which she has been looking forward to all weekend. For her first day she was totally Hello Kitty'ed out. She had HK shoes, an HK cover up for nap time, and an HK backpack. I have a lot of pictures that I just haven't uploaded yet...look back for those soon! She brought her lunch in her new lunch bag...PB&J, Pirate's Booty, cherry jello and limeade in her Hello Kitty thermos. I mean, really, she is the super coolest prekindergartener in the whole world!