Monday, December 5, 2011

Two in one day...on a roll!

A few photos from the past few months:

Figs from the tree in our back yard! Elvis helped me pick them all.

My sweet boy giving me a flower.

Ruby all dressed up (in her brother's western wear) for the ZELC Tricycle Trail Ride!

Ruby rode the maximum number of laps around the trail. She had been practicing at home for weeks!

UUMC Harvest Festival/Halloween

Ruby played the part of the Virgin Mary in the Christmas play at church. They were such a cute miniature Holy Family!

So my first try to reclaim blogging didn't quite work...TAKE 2!

Promised first day of school picture. That's my girl excited and totally READY!

I missed blogging a couple of days, that turned into a week, that turned into a month, that turned into a few months. With my focus otherwise claimed and being a bit embarrassed I just didn't even try. Now that I'm going through photos deciding which will be part of our Christmas package of photos to family, I've realized how much I've wanted to share with whoever (if anyone) ever reads this. We've had birthdays (two in quick succession), milestones galore, sold our house, floundered a bit, volunteered a bunch, prayed a lot, watched bellies grow (so many beloved babies have been and are about to be born), Skyped, loved, argued, taken up, given, we've lived some life! With Ruby an accomplished school girl and Elvis a veteran at one on one interaction, I would say that we are settling into our new roles nicely. I'm no longer working outside the home (possibly my last chance for that in a while) giving me the opportunity to focus on the overwhelming to do list that I never stopped making while I was otherwise occupied with gainful employment. I think I may be busier than I was before.

On the day of their birthday party at Bouncing Tigers: my first time to give up control of a birthday party and it was still a success! Alex and I just had a conversation of the benefits of using shortcuts. He and I have an aversion to them, but we are realizing that some shortcuts can get us to the exact same place!

Until next time, I'm hopeful that it won't be months from now! xoxo