Tuesday, February 2, 2010

find me on facebook

Hello everyone! I know, I know! It has been way too long since I posted a new blog. I've been sucked into the Facebook world and it won't let go! I do promise to post an update soon, but in the meantime find me & my photography site (you know you want to be my fan) on Facebook!


  1. Hey, Jayme! I was so excited to get your Facebook request! It looks like you are doing so well & your children are just beautiful! I loved checking out your photography blog- I have recently developed an interest in photography, so I am about to get my feet wet. I have a blog, too! It is thehoskinsonfamilytx.blogspot.com I will list your site(s) on mine if that is ok so we can keep in touch!

  2. I miss your blog & pictures!