Monday, December 28, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Day one of feeling halfway normal was, of course, Christmas Eve. Thankfully the shopping for Ruby and Elvis was done by my Mom and Grandmother (THANK YOU SO MUCH!), but there were a couple of other things I needed to get done so off we went into the day before craziness. When we got the kids' Santa pictures done on Christmas Eve last year I swore that that was the way we would do it from now on...and so we did (only not because I had remembered my resolve...I'll scan a post them soon). There was no line for photos and plenty of last minute sales for those last minute gifts. I have to admit that this years gift giving went off better than I can remember it ever going. I didn't stress myself out, I got what I could get, and had a better Christmas day for it (it did help that the only hand I had in buying for the kids was choosing a theme and cutting a check...oops, I haven't even done that last part yet...I will soon!).

Day two of feeling well was Christmas Day and it was great! We stayed the night at my Mom's because due to my flu I didn't even put up a tree and EVERYONE knows Santa leaves presents under trees! This year, the year Ruby actually started ASKING for specific gifts (just one really...a Princess and the Frog doll), she "called" every gift before opening it. Ruby is just too smart! It was like she was performing a parlor trick when she was handed a package. Rubes would quite accurately tell everyone what was inside the paper, unwrap it and say "I LOVE IT!" The amazement only gave way when her thankfulness did the same. The last few packages were met with "I do not love THAT!" Note for next year: curb the number of gifts. We don't tend to buy too much (or much at all for that matter), but with me being sick a few people took our little ones under their wings buying for them as if they were there overwhelmed me and Alex with emotion and overwhelmed the kids as well. Thank you to those who know who you are! After a probably 10 wrapping paper roll morning, we headed to my grandparents' house 2 hours east of BR in Long Beach, MS. A big pot of gumbo and all of my Mom's siblings & their families awaited our arrival. The food, gifts and blessings were plentiful! After visiting with my Dad and his sister, Aunt Kim, we headed home fueled by 16 oz. coffees so that Alex could be at work at 6 am on the 26th.

I couldn't ask for a more wonderful Christmas!

Love to all of you and our family & friends we weren't able to be with on Christmas! We were with you in our hearts! xoxo

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