Monday, December 21, 2009


Hi all! Yes, we are back from our super long trip to California. Unfortunately I brought a little something back with me...the FLU! I had a postitive flu test yesterday (yes, I MUST be feeling bad to go to the doctor on a SUNDAY). My grandparents kept Ruby and Elvis this weekend to give me and Alex a little vaca, so they haven't gotten sick. They have, however, been taken by my grandparents to Long Beach while I am in quarantine. I was planning to do all of my Christmas decorating, shopping, and visiting with friends when we got back on the 18th, but it looks as if none of that will happen this year! HAHAHA! I should be MUCH BETTER for NEW YEARS EVE/DAY! Not that we have plans, yet...or at all! :) This will be a sad lonely week leading up to a less than usual Christmas...but I am choosing to look at the positive: NO COOKING FOR A WEEK, UNINTERRUPTED SLEEP, and a REAL RESON for it all!


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