Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Turkey Has Lost Her Voice

I am my grandfather's "turkey" and I lost my voice on Thanksgiving. OH JOY! I have been sick since last Saturday and still, a week and a half later, have no voice among other ailments. Enough belly aching...

Thanksgiving was fun at my grandparents' house. My cousin, Cory, was home from Camp Lejeune for the holiday so we celebrated with lots of family. We had a little photoshoot that morning so I could get a few good photos of Ruby and Elvis. Being a photographer you would think I would have plenty of nice pics of my kiddos, but getting them all dressed fancy and cooperating isn't something that happens often with us. Go figure! Here a few choice shots from our Turkey Day fun!
Ruby in the fort Papa built.

Elvis checking it out.

Elvis and Charlie driving the golf cart.

Papa helping Elvis slide down the slide from the fort's new porch.

Our cousin Sarah lost a tooth while she was Thanksgiving day feasting.

Ruby riding "Trigger" the recycled tire horse swing.

Chandler holding Ruby's hand and making sure she doesn't get hit by cars pulling out of the yard. Good job, man!


Chilling in the golf cart with Charlie.

Ruby told me today "Mommy, Alex is YOUR prince!" So true, so true.


"The bear in my belly is SO FULL!"

We have so much to be thankful for! xoxo

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