Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Day in the Life

Two Fridays ago, both Alex and I had to call in to work because our beloved Jeep was having problems. After much research (thanks Car Talk website) we surmised that we had a dead air compressor causing the belt to burn up as we drove filling the car with toxic smells throughout the unairconditioned car. Of course, strapped for cash and wanting some sort of fix, Alex watched You Tube video after You Tube video on how to bypass the air compressor with a shorter belt. This did not work. BLAH! The only shop that could help us that day (and the one with the cheapest estimate) was 25 miles away near our old house. Alex drove the Jeep, toxic fumes and all, in to Baton Rouge alone. We followed after some playtime to pick up Dad and wait for the car to be healed. . .

Alex working on the Jeep

Al's little helper

Playtime started with a sighting of an old friend. A couple of months ago, the kids went to Long Beach with their Honey and brought back a tiny frog from Mimi and Papa's yard. They were so excited to see a bigger frog and Ruby started squealing "LOOK MOMMY, ELVIS'S FROG FROM MIMI AND PAPA'S!"

Checking out the little froggy

For her third birthday Ruby got this skateboard, but we really didn't have any place for her to play with it at the green house. Now, at Honey's, she has a really long driveway to carve up and get scrapes and scabs!

One of our favorite pastimes is drawing. Whether it be with chalk on the carport or pen on paper, these two kids of ours LOVE LOVE LOVE to draw. We have stacks and stacks of paper that have the most interesting drawings on them. I have so many that I am currently turning some of their line drawings into a backdrop for this blog. We'll see just how long that takes!

Elvis's sweet little artist's hand

Elvis's MONKEY...amazing for not yet 3!

We finally made it away from the house to pick up Alex at the mechanic's. We rode around while the kid's took a nap in the back seat, dropped by Goodwill (where the only one of us to find anything was Ruby who nabbed a cool princess dress), then headed to Menchie's (our favorite FroYo spot) to wait for a call from the shop with our fixed car.

Ruby drew this on the board at Menchie's to go with the bigger drawing that was already there

After we got home and had some supper, Ruby made an awesome tower with plastic cups. She named it Ruby's PENTEEGON. That's my girl...being so super cool!

One last picture to cap off this good isn't from that day, but well worth sharing. When he first did this he said "Look Mommy, I can FLY!"


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