Thursday, March 15, 2012


On his way home, Alex read my previous blog post. He is so amazing, he reads my blog! Not only that, but he stopped by Hobby Lobby and bought the fabric I left behind. He navigated all the way to the back of the store and explained the whole situation to the old ladies at the cutting table. I'm sure they had done some talking about me back there this afternoon (I should know, I used to work at a fabric store). That made it all the more difficult when the fabric we had picked out and Alex had so lovingly brought home did not go at all with the fabric I had previously purchased. I took it back this evening after dinner with a bit of guilt and no kids (another great gift: half an hour with no little voices in my head...I mean, no little kids constantly talking in my ear). I explained to Al that I would have brought it back if I had gotten it and it was the AMAZING gesture that counted. He understood. Hey, after I shed tears due to his amazing show of love, how could he not understand? My oh my, that was the sweetest thing he has done in recent memory! It was better than flowers, better than chocolate, and better than random kind words. I love my husband. Since I know he reads this I can say it here...ALEX AUSTIN, YOU ARE THE MOST AMAZING AND I AM A LUCKY GIRL TO HAVE YOU! xoxo

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