Monday, March 30, 2009

Big Easy Weekender

Yesterday we had a super fun time at the Big Easy Weekender Scooter Rally Picnic. Ruby and Elvis's first taste of what Mommy and Daddy used to do for fun before they came along (and hopefully will do more of now that we've got the first one under our belt as a family). Elvis had the best time smiling at everyone and listening to all the scooter motors. Ruby couldn't get enough SPRITE while chilling with Daddy and watching the Gymkahna (a scooter obstacle course) and Joust (see pics). It was only when we got half way there that I realized I should have encouraged Alex to follow us to NOLA on our scooter (the kids would have thought that was the best ever) time! After the rally we went into the city for some fun and food. We ended up riding around to find all of our favorite restaurants closed it being Sunday and all. Our ride took us all the way to the Camellia Grill, though we realized after finding the most perfect parking spot right in front that there are no high chairs at the Camellia Grill (it is only counter service) so we walked around the block to this little Pupusaria (I haven't seen one of those since we lived in L.A.)...YUMMO! The pupusas (an El Salvadorian kind of grilled sandwich...they are like corn meal pancakes, or hoe cakes, with meat & cheese inside) were really good, but a little overpriced. On the way home, while Ruby and Elvis slept, Alex and I had a wonderful conversation about how much we love where we live Baton Rouge is such a great middle ground between all the places we've lived in the past and small town life. We pretty much love it here...the only thing that could pull us away is a super promotion for Al through WFM (that would be cool). 


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