Monday, March 30, 2009

Swing High

I guess today I'm going to post more than once to make up for the weeks of slim postings. We've been insanely busy lately, so hopefully my multiple blogging is a sign of things settling down! A girl can dream! 

Last week, Mimi & Papa came in town for a baseball tournament of Charlie's (Ruby's favorite cousin, no doubt) and brought along a little swing to add to our big kid swing set. Ruby has been asking for a while now to go outside and play on the swing set, but I haven't had anywhere to put Elvis while we are outside. Needless to say we were in dire need of a baby swing. Mimi & Papa save the day the way they often do. They have been a super help in MANY home improvement projects with Papa being the home improvement "Yoda" and Alex taking the part of "Obi Won" (you know, the entirely capable one that could always learn something new). So, yay for our new baby swing nestled neatly below the trapeze bar that no kid ever uses anyhow! 

Sing with me now, "Swing high, swing high, swing high in the sky! Elvis swings high, birds swing high, Elvis swings high in the sky!" (that's the song that Mimi sings when she's pushing the babies in their swing)

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