Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Gift from the Norse Gods: IKEA

The day was Monday, April 13. The destination was Houston, TX for our biannual trip to the most magical place on earth, IKEA! This trip was especially for our living room. Two weeks before our trip I decided to have a yard sale and sell ALL of our living room furniture so I could fill our house with beautiful new funky furnishings that I had been drooling over since we moved into our house over a year ago (September 07). So we rented a crew cab truck from Enterprise (shhhhhh, don't tell them we went out of state), got the kiddos in the back seat (check out their positioning. . .not so ideal to have them right next to one another on a long drive. . we had to pull over twice for some fairly mild discipline), and headed for the best sight for design sore eyes in the world (that we finally caught sight of after 5 hours of driving). 
Check out those two little angels in their carts (and Alex in the background getting our loot from the help yourself warehouse) About 2 hours into our drive we realized we had forgotten the stroller. . total foul! They did extremely well considering that neither one of them napped after getting out of the car at about 2pm (naptime generally starts then). We only had some minor break downs over wanting to sleep in the beds on the showroom level (those of you who have been to Ikea know what I'm talking about). Ruby really liked going this time around. When we arrived we asked her what we were going to do at Ikea, and she said,  "HAVE FUN!" Oh, yes we did! 
We managed to furnish our entire living room for under $1500 (though I do want to go back and get a second chair to match the one we bought, I had no idea that we could fit so much furniture into our new floor plan). I'm so excited to have grown up furniture that creates an actual "look" instead of having slapped together pieces that were sat together with no thought to design or feel. Our age of the futon has passed and we are now living in a pretty hip pad! I'll post pictures when we finish painting (who knows when that will happen, we are planning for this weekend).

The babes were totally worn out and slept all the way home while Alex and I sang, had totally incoherent conversations, and drank coffee trying to keep ourselves awake.  I honestly (and I hate to admit this), but I don't remember most of the drive. Thank goodness Alex was driving! What is so insane about that, though, is when we got home we put together 2 pieces of furniture and I completely remember that because I was helplessly awake at 2 in the morning when we finally made it home! We stayed up until Alex was supposed to be WAKING UP for work (he went in a little late that day). Since we have put together all but one dining chair (why we neglected that one out of six I can't explain). All in all, a successful voyage to the happiest place on earth (at least for Mommy)! Next up, a trip to the actual "Happiest Place on Earth", we leave for Disney World in 3 weeks!

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