Saturday, April 18, 2009

Remembering Felicity (not the show)

On a recent trip to NOLA for the Big Easy Scooter Rally we took a drive through our old haunts. We drove by our "flood house" in Mid City, our favorite restaurants (looking for somewhere open to eat), our friend Jen's house in the Marigny (there is a coffee shop downstairs that we like), and finally our old church. Felicity will always hold a special place in our hearts. When we first attended it was as a favor to my then boss (we were trying to secure a lease to their parsonage for the children's theater I worked for), but Alex and I fell in love with the 7 person membership. Yes, that's right, there were only seven members most of which were over the age of 70. They fell in love with us, too...a young couple, new blood! "Children make a church" they told us, and they could see that we just might make that leap! If it weren't for Hurricane Katrina, we may have been part of ushering in a new generation at Felicity. That would have been amazing, but the storm delivered the last blow that was needed to close Felicity's doors. Now, the building is on the historic register so it cannot be torn down, but I'm sure a "repurposing" is in it's future. When we passed by there was a big for sale sign attached to the fence. It was like a knife in the heart to see that. A place that I had seen so much potential in is destined to become a hip antique store or high end condos! BLAH! I wish we could have saved it. . .it wasn't for lack of trying! 

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