Monday, April 27, 2009

Toothy McToothersen

Check out that little white rice-like speck! Yes, Elvis James has his first tooth! It broke through about 2 weeks ago (I'm so late blogging about it that his second one is well on its way). Let me tell you, not much compares to breaking that first tooth. You have this perfectly happy baby and then "WHAM!" out of nowhere he starts acting like a total insano! It must hurt like the dickens to make such a chill little guy whine and cry for what seems like no reason to which nothing helps. Tylenol takes too long, Orajel doesn't last long enough, and teething tablets I think are made for parents to make us feel like we are doing SOMETHING (anything!!!) to help. The morning I spotted that little tooth poking through there was a feeling of relief that I couldn't possibly accurately describe in words (for me and little Elvis...heck, for the whole family). He is taking the second much better than the first, but only time will tell. Ruby had classic teething symptoms will ALL of her teeth including a nearly 105 fever with her molars (it didn't bother her much though)!

Ruby, 1 year, with her 105 "molar fever" (the Doc suggested we let her run around mostly naked to cool her off)


  1. YEAH Elvis!!!! Congrats on that first pearly white!!!!

  2. You guys make beautiful babies