Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I know! I know!

Life has been chuggin' along so quickly lately that I haven't had the time (or, honestly, even the urge) to blog. In an attempt to recapture "old school" life (you know, where you actually have conversations with people instead of reading updates on myspace) I haven't been on the computer much. As wonderful as all of this new technology is in keeping us connected with people we aren't physically close to...it is really maddening in how it keeps us from those people who are just around the corner! UGH! The day of the "what's going on" phone call is in the past and it sucks! WOW! I didn't mean for this to turn into a "feelings" blog! I just wanted to say that we are here, livin' life, and I do plan to blog in some updates with pictures soon! When? I can't say!



  1. I totally feel you on this post! I'm not much into the blogging anymore either! I feel if people want to know what's going on with us or even care...why not pick up the phone and call!

  2. Yeah. . .I forgot what life was like pre-Internet! It is harder to keep up with as many people as I did before, but when I do find the time to connect with others it seems it is more genuine and fulfilling! xoxo