Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Getting Snippy With It!

OK, so the big haircut took place almost 2 months ago, but I am just now unloading my flashcard onto the computer. It had to be done! Ruby, a 2 year old, was actually asking for a haircut because her hair was just plain unruly. Embarrassed that I hadn't done it earlier and completely strapped for cash, going to the salon was not an option. Yes, I cut her hair myself. For years Alex has cut his own hair and mine on occasion, so with his confidence by my side I steadied the scissors in my hand and began to snip off Ruby's baby hair. Goodbye baby hair! She instantly looked older...still does (obviously).
Ruby's hair, pre-cut.

Elvis had fun watching his sister and ...

they both enjoyed watching Spongebob!

There it goes!

Pretty much the finished product (I trimmed and straightened it out for the next few days)!

That was a milestone I put off until as absolutely as late a date as possible. I didn't want to say farewell to the remnants of Ruby the baby, but it was time. Our little baby girl is growing at an exponential rate, it is as if we have entered some time warp powerless against its blindingly fast passage of time. I have to go now, too much time has passed just writing this!


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