Friday, August 14, 2009

Dairy Queen & King

Yesterday was my 29th, ehem. . .26th birthday! (HA HA!) We started our day with a breakfast delivery from my mom...the McDonald's big breakfast, a guilty secret (not so much any more) fav in our house. My favorite is the sausage and biscuit with syrup on top, Alex likes the pancakes and eggs, Elvis will eat ANYTHING, and Ruby...well, Ruby likes the BUTTER! Yes, that is a BUTTER mustache in the first picture!

Oh Butter, how I love thee!

Obviously going to all milk won't be a problem for this child!

Silly happy eater.

We had a fabulous day yesterday, thanks to the birthday money/gifts I got from various wonderful family members! We started the day off right thanks to Mom. We caught a movie (Harry Potter) and had dinner thanks to Mimi & Papa. I got to do some shopping thanks to Marsha Mom...uninterrupted thanks to Alex! All that and I got to see Ruby have her very first ballet class (separate post to follow). What a great day!

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