Friday, August 14, 2009

Tiny Dancer

On the way to class.

The closer we got to the studio the deeper into sleep she fell!

Showing us her after class Tootsie Roll!

Striking a pose.

Ruby's first day of ballet and tap lessons was yesterday (the Cangelosi Dance Project)! She's getting big, I know. It was the most awesome gift for my birthday to be able to take her to her first of, hopefully, a life full of dancing! As fortunate as that was for me, it wasn't so fortunate for Ruby, her teachers, or her classmates. You see, we had already had a super busy day by the time class rolled around. So much fun was had that she had just fallen asleep when it was time to get ready. I dressed her in her sleep, she slept on my shoulder as we headed out to the car and she slept the entire way there. I hoped that it wouldn't turn into what it did! She wailed when I took her out of the car and had her walk to the door of the studio, hoping it would wake her a bit in time for her to get a little happy. No such luck! She promptly threw her ballet slippers at her more than understanding teacher (after years of teaching little ones I'm sure...I hope this wasn't the first time that had happened). After telling her teacher I was just a call away, I sat outside for a minute and convinced another mom to look in the room for me (I wasn't about to freak Ruby out again if she was, by some miracle, doing well). The other super nice mommy said she wasn't actively crying so I breathed a sigh of relief and headed to the bank, the only errand we were brave enough to run during the hour long class. We got back before half the class was over to wait outside just in case Ruby hadn't calmed down and the teachers needed us to intervene. While waiting, I saw a familiar face in our rear view mirror, Liz! Carly, her 4 year old, is in Ruby's class! Oh happy day! In recounting our beginning of class trouble Liz said, "Ruby must have been the little one face down on the floor while the others were in a circle doing plies." Oh goodness! At least she looked very happy when I picked her up, she even had on her tap shoes. I just have to be on top of making sure she has had a good nap BEFORE ballet instead of wanting to be taking one DURING! Bad mommy...hey, it was my birthday! A good sign she liked it, though: she woke up and immediately wanted to put on her "ballerina shirt"(a leotard), tights, and ballet slippers...she's been in them all day!

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  1. Awwww, poor exhausted Ruby! But it seems like it went pretty well for having a nap on the way there! I bet next week she'll be ready to dance away!