Sunday, June 28, 2009

Beat It! The Heat...Beat the Heat!

With the heat index reaching 110 for days this week, I had been promising Ruby an after nap swim...that is after we got a pump to pump up our back yard pool. So, on the way to Becca's softball game Friday night we dropped by Target to pick up a pump (the kind you use for air mattresses and apparently blow up pools nowadays). After having an exciting morning which included a trip to the Downtown YMCA (fabulous gym, by the way), lunch with Honey and Nana at Whole Foods for Popcicle Palooza (free popcicles and fun crafts all day), and a side trip to the "lilo-tard" store (what is with ONE gymnastics leotard size XXS for a 3 YEAR OLD costing nearly $50? Needless to say we didn't buy one!), the kids went down for a nap and we set out to get the pool ready. Of course it didn't quite work out that way. We tried to get a bit of rest too and ended up blowing up and filling up the pool with Ruby after she woke up...but that was fine because I think it was just as exciting as the swimming was to her. Imagine being a 2 1/2 year old watching a pool grow before your very eyes. It must have been a total trip for her not really knowing exactly what was taking place. Yes, of course we offered an explanation. I think the acts of air are still pretty magical and mysterious to her, even so (and sometimes funny, i.e. passing gas...farts get ALOT of laughter in our house lately). Ruby, Alex, and Elvis had so much fun in the little pool (I say little, but these blow up pools have come a long way since I was a little kid. . .and adult, even two, can fit in them with their kids...that is so awesome compared to the 6" deep, 3'x3' circle pools of my youth!). My bonehead moment of the day came when not 2 minutes after I got out my camera with the long lens attached so as not to get at all wet, Ruby decided to take the hose out of the pool and wave it over her head like a lasso... getting me, my camera, and our living room (thanks to the sliding glass door being left open by me, of course) very very wet. I promptly turned off my camera leaving it to dry and shut the door...only to pick up my camera when the pool was full and the hose was turned OFF! I got some fun pictures of the three of them having fun. They played for about an hour before I gave in and put on my swimsuit...45 SECONDS after I stepped into the 95 degree water (it was like getting into a warm bath) it started to RAIN! I'm not complaining (reading over it it certainly sounds like I am, but I'm not!)...we REALLY NEEDED the rain! Even with the rain it was a perfect summer day! It was relaxing but not lazy. It was hot then cooled off. We all had smiles on our faces and breezy attitudes. I love the way I feel after swimming...the most good natured sleepy feeling (every one of us in this house is usually a grump when sleepy and that is putting it nicely). I didn't even stress about dinner, we had picnic food at the dinner table: sandwiches, cheese bunnies, and cut fruit. OH GOSH, it was a fantastic day! xoxo

Just want to shout out to Michael Jackson, wherever he may be. Our pastor actually spoke about him this morning in church and made me realize that no matter how I feel about what he had become in recent years that his music brought me through some really important times of my life. I actually can't remember a time in my life, not taking in account the past maybe 5 years, that I didn't listen to his music from Jackson 5 to Prince of Pop days. Quick memory: When I was in preschool I had a life size poster of MJ in a white tuxedo lying with a tiger hanging next to my bed. As a little Jayme I would talk to Michael endlessly about anything, I would sing to him, and dance. I can remember the day I put star stickers all over the poster and my mom being none too happy that I had done so...I mean, life size posters weren't cheap! I can't remember a time that I didn't know the words to Billy Jean or a time when it wasn't cool to learn the dance steps to Thriller (which I did have a Tshirt that had a picture of MJ in full Thriller costume that said something along the lines of "I know its you Michael and I'm not scared"...weird.). He may have become a total side show since his time in the the center ring came to a close, but his music will always hold a fondness in my heart as a monument to my youth.

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  1. I can not wait to put up our fence so I can show my muscles in samia's pool.