Sunday, June 7, 2009

More Mickey Magic

Oh my goodness have we been busy. So busy I haven't been online in days! Here is the promised conclusion of our Disney days sure to be followed by stories of what has been keeping me from blogging.
Fireworks at the Magic Kingdom. We found a perfect spot to watch with nobody around us (on the edge of Frontier Land).

Ruby and Alex "Goofy-ing"  around at Epcot, our favorite park by far.

Elvis in his very first pair of Mickey Ears! That face is his "determined to have more fun" face!

Ruby doing her part to get the luggage out to the car on check out day. We were all totally sad to leave the Happiest Place on Earth!

 A few little side stories from our trip. . .

*Ruby has never been around so many people not speaking English. We do have a few friends that we hang out with that speak Spanish (and Alex speaks a little "Californian". . .an interesting blend of kind of Spanish at times), but never before has she been literally bombarded by foreign languages. I can only imagine what her little mind must have thought about hearing snippits of French, German, Arabic, Portuguese, and a handful of languages. So, it was about day 3 when she started speaking in her own made up language. For the rest of the trip whenever she saw fit she would go on and on in "Ruby-ese". It was pretty amazing to witness her noticing other people speaking and figure. . ."hey, I can do that!"

*We met our friend Joey Boone (who works for Disney and is the only person I know that loves it more than we do) at Fort Wilderness for dinner and an outdoor showing of High School Musical 3 (they show a FREE movie EVERY NIGHT at the campgrounds after the smores roast and campfire songs with Disney characters). It was loads of fun and Joey is now Ruby's best friend. She has asked about him as many times as she has asked about Mickey since we've been home! 

*From day 1 Ruby called the entire resort "Mickey's House". When we got to our room it was:

Ruby: "Mommy, is this Mickey's room?"
Mommy: "Yes, baby! He's going to let us sleep here, he has plenty of room."
Ruby: "Can I go pee pee on Mickey's potty?
(while going) Mommy, does Mickey pee pee on this potty?"
Mommy: "Yes, of course, it is his potty."

*Ruby and Elvis did wonderfully the entire trip just going with the flow! Napping when they were tired, staying up late to have extra fun, being super good sports about the heat...all in all they did great! Our last night in the parks the Magic Kingdom was open until MIDNIGHT! You guessed it, while Elvis lay fast asleep in the stroller, Ruby, Alex, and I went on a ride bonanza! We rode more rides in the two hour time span between 10 and midnight than we had ridden our entire time in the Magic Kingdom! Ruby even rode on her very first ROLLER COASTER in Mickey's Toon Town Fair called Goofy's Barnstormer! I took her on it first. Alex rode with her a second and third time (those were consecutive because there was nobody in line...not too many little kids in the park that late...I guess we were living on the edge!). Every time she got off she ran and squealed "AGAIN! AGAIN!" I wouldn't trade experiencing that for anything in the entire world! 

We just got a postcard from the Disney gang a few days ago that said "We miss you, too!" Boy did they get it right, we do miss Mickey! I think we've got the babies hooked now, too! Alex has already mentioned planning our next trip down there! WOOO HOOO! 

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  1. so fun!! I love the ears on Elvis! Ruby sure sounds like she was in heaven!!