Sunday, May 24, 2009


So, I have about 200 pictures from our Disney World vacation...I know, I know that is way less than anyone would have thought I would take (come on. . when working I take more than that in a couple of hours), but I made the decision not to stay behind the camera our entire vacation and REALLY be part of every awesome moment instead of the "fly on the wall" I try to usually be. So, the end result is less pictures, but I still have tons of stories to tell (and more pictures than I would have had in the good ole film days). Here are just a few... (I know I need to set up a picasa or something so I can share ALL of the pix)

Ruby waiting for us to leave Saturday night.

Ruby and Elvis's first glimpse of the Mouse himself!
(at the Garden Grill in rotates & totally makes you feel a little tipsy)

Elvis REALLY liked the characters! 

Elvis's first ever taste of chocolate (in the form of "dirt & worms", otherwise known as chocolate pudding, cookie crumbs, and gummie worms)

Waiting for our bus on our very first night. . .we had only been in the park since maybe 4pm...we had a LONG week ahead of us!

Ruby wasn't sure about the characters at first, but when it was a dining setting where we actually got to spend a little time with them she totally warmed up to them and enjoyed herself! 

Ruby and Elvis's first bath together. E just stared sitting up on his own really well & we didn't have his baby tub so we had to make due. 

Ruby was so insanely excited to go to PIZZA PLANET from the Toy Story movies. She had been talking about it for at least a month before our trip and has asked to go back a few times since we have been back home! 

Ruby at Minnie Mouse's sewing machine ... hello ? AT MINNIE'S HOUSE!!! In Toon Town they have Minnie's house, Mickey's house,and...

YOU CAN MEET TINKERBELL!!!!! This is a Disney FIRST. Never before have you been able to meet her. . .the line was long (though not as long if it had been the middle of summer), about an hour, but we MET TINK!!! I think I may have been just as excited as Ruby was. Oh yes! We "flew" to Pixie Hollow while being "shrunk"  down to fairy size with pixie dust! It was so COOL! Incidentally, Tinkerbell was the ONLY character that Ruby IMMEDIATELY took to. They had a conversation, hugged, and posed like super models! FABULOUS!

Those are only the pix from the first half of our Disney Adventure...and I have a few funny little stories to share, but I'll post again later! 

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  1. Awwwww, so fun and awesome! I can't wait to see and read more!