Thursday, May 7, 2009

Ruby's New Shoes

Tuesday night my Mom, Honey as Ruby calls her, picked up Ruby and took her to my sister Becca's softball practice so I could go get my hair cut before our vacation. What a blessing it is to have loving family so close by! Of course, Honey cannot resist Ruby and her 2 year old mind control, especially when it is something so insanely cute she is asking for (sometimes it is more like telling, I have to admit). Ruby had been on a tear for weeks about wanting cleats, knee pads and a softball uniform like her Nana Becca's. Well, the knee pads and uniform were taken care of a few weekends ago while at a tournament...what's left? CLEATS! Can you believe they make cleats that little? I guess she is almost 3 (not until October) and the little ones can start playing cleat requiring sports at 3. At 3, really? NO NO NO! This is going too fast! I read once that it is actually a physical inevitability having something to do with the brains firing speed or something that causes the perception of time to speed up rapidly over the years! OH this is horrible! I want my week to feel like a week felt in 2nd grade, like an ETERNITY. I swear I'm going to lose it when Ruby makes it to the age I can actually remember, that is getting way too close! Enough of my freak out, back to the cleats. When Alex got home yesterday evening we played outside to let Ruby break in her new shoes. They actually do make her faster. In regular shoes her run is a funny little girl run, but in those cleats it looks like a real run! The only thing we are going to have to work on is that she wants to WASH her cleats the MOMENT they get my opinon cleats are better dirty...that's why we have a special bag for them that is water, dirt, and foot odor proof! 
Three cheers for Ruby and her new shoes...her first pair of cleats!


  1. oh my goodness...that is SO CUTE!

  2. Those are nice shoes! I remember my first cleats!

    Hope you guys have a great time at Disneyworld, we'll have to meet up when you return next week and share pics and stories.

  3. I love her nice shoes!! Those are perfect for her little feet...