Saturday, May 2, 2009

Ruby is SILLY!

Ruby feels right at home with our new furniture. 

Our new couch is SOOOOO much more comfortable (and bouncier) than our old yucky futon!

Here is the full view just in case  you are interested. 

Ruby put on one leg of my PJ pants as if it were an evening gown.

She used the hanger string as "straps".

I recently overheard Ruby "reading" the bible: "Jesus went to the market and he bought some cheese to bring home to Mary."

A few days ago Ruby got stuck taking off her shirt: "I'm a chicken! HELP, I'm a chicken!" (her arms were stuck in a chicken wing inside her sleeves)

Anytime Ruby is at a loss for words she goes to these: "I've got a bobo. It's right here. Look at my bobo. I think I need a bandaid."

Ruby and I had a pretty rough day today, neither of us had any patience with the other. As the Mommy, I should have kept my cool & set the example, but didn't. It didn't bother Elvis one bit, he just sat back and watched (& laughed at) "the Ruby & Mommy Show".  It is days like this one, where I wasn't the mom I could be, that make me realize just how good the good days are. I need to sit down and count my blessings one by one! Ruby being silly is one of many!

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  1. Love those silly pictures! And the new couch looks great! Can't wait to see the whole place sometime!