Friday, May 8, 2009

Disney World Here We Come!

Ruby on It's A Small World at Disney World in July of 2007, 8 months old

 Alex and Me at Disneyland in front of Sleeping Beauty's Castle 
(We had SEASON PASSES when we lived in LA. . we were there AT LEAST every 2 weeks)

Well, our countdown calendar is down to one ring! We leave for Walt Disney World tomorrow night after the babies' bed time ritual! I've slept for a total of 2 night's sleep in the past 7 days, so this couldn't come too soon (last night I fell asleep AT the dinner table and Alex took care of Ruby & Elvis all night and woke me up at 4.30 this morning so I could get something, anything, done before they wake up...hince the 5 am post). I WILL NOT be blogging while on vacation because I will be reveling in 24/7 (yes, 7 whole days...actually 9 if you count travel time) time with my family! No blogging, no laundry, no cooking, no cleaning (though I'm usually really anal about keeping hotel rooms clean)...the most strenuous activity that I plan on doing is nursing baby Elvis! I'm not even going to drive. That is my and Alex's trade off. I've been staying up until he wakes up (4.30 am) every night preparing, so he drives to and from Orlando!  I'm feeling so good right now, I think I'll even take the kids to the spraypark to see their friends today before we go! YAY!