Tuesday, June 23, 2009

CANNOT Believe I Forgot . . .

Our emergency room visit!!! Thursday afternoon we were all at Honey and Becca's (minus a working late Honey) when we heard a big bang (it was the familiar sound of Becca's bedroom door hitting her closet door) followed by crying and Becca saying, "Jayme, come in here I think Ruby hit her head." When I got to her room Ruby was on the floor looking down and when she looked up I caught sight of the most disgusting GROWING bleeding bulge on Ruby's head. The egg was growing so quickly it got to the size of nearly, I swear, my fist in no time. It was the bleeding that freaked me out the most. I must say that I am completely impressed with my and Alex's calm quick action. We were in the car, calming Ruby, attempting to calm Becca, and at the nearest hospital (points for having the clarity to know the nearest hospital to some one else's house) in minutes. It turned out that everything looked fine. As you can see in the pictures that the hematoma had gone down considerably even before we were seen by the doctor. Ruby truly enjoyed her $600 (maybe even more) orange popcicle and dose of motrin! And we enjoyed our expensive, but worth it peace of mind! She did have a slight concussion, but nothing a few hours of staying awake didn't help. I think Becca was more freaked out than any of us. She's totally learned a lesson on watching the little ones! NOT that it was her fault to begin with...it could have happened with ANY of us!

Also, my Uncle Paul passed away last week and we had the honor of attending his funeral which was one of the most wonderful celebrations of life I've attended. As difficult times seem to do, it allowed me to see family that I haven't seen in ages. Some of the family hadn't even met Ruby or Elvis! (My favorite moment of the day was when my cousin Aliska, with her 3 nearly grown boys, practically squealed when she realized the mom calming down her crazy toddler was me! It is great to be loved!) We spent the entire afternoon into evening hanging out and wondering why in the world we let it go so long without seeing one another. We left with a renewed spirit and resolve not to lose touch as we had before! Love to my family! xoxo

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  1. Is that you in a New Kids on the Block shirt? Poor Ruby's head. I love the new pictures you did. I especially love the feet. I hate feet but love baby feet. So cute.