Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Little Stinkers Updates

So, these are the fruits of our morning portraits. I'm not sure if these are my favorites yet or not. There are so many to pick from that I just quickly chose a few to share. Ruby and Elvis were in such good spirits for us (Alex and I could have taken a lesson from them that morning...we did a little bickering). I would have to say that these are so much better than our previous attempt! They actually look happy together. Though it is still going to take them a little time to work in perfect concert...there are a TON of photos with one of them looking wonderful and the other like a complete insano!

Since I last blogged, we've been super busy. This summer we are taking my sister, Becca, to her strength and speed training at the YMCA. Of course it couldn't be at the Y just around the corner from our house, but out at the far reaches of civilization (otherwise known as 15 minutes east on the freeway). Her training only lasts for an hour and a quarter each day, so the little ones have been becoming familiar with the Y nursery (and all of the super nice ladies in it) and I am getting reacquainted with my nemesis the GYM (OH MY!). As much as it is forcing us to readjust our routine, I do like the idea of getting rid (or at least lessening) my post 2 baby jelly belly (let me tell you...I've got a lot of jelly). After one week of gym-ing it, Ruby got slightly sick from nursery germs, Elvis had the sniffles, and I got the worst case of mastitis (bacterial infection in, GASP, the boob...well, a milk duct to be exact) with a 103 fever for 3 days! Thanks to Becca and Mom I was able to get my relax on while I was sick. Ruby spent 2 nights/days with them so I could get better. I'm still nursing Elvis or he would have been with them, too! I didn't get quite as much relaxation as I thought I would because Elvis started CRAWLING (Tuesday, June 16) the day I started feeling bad! He was totally inspired by Bree, my friend Liz's little girl, who stayed Tuesday morning with us while her mommy and big sis went to the dentist. They had a wonderful time being little together! That is the only way I know how to put it, they were just so cute checking one another out looking so excited to see someone their own size!

There really isn't too much more to report. I'm just getting over feeling bad, we had a wonderful Father's Day with Sunday School (we've found a great little SS class that we love & Ruby has started one, too), Church (we love our new church and feel so lucky to have found it), lunch at WFM, and our annual Father's Day movie (Year One...the babies were asleep so we saw a PG-13)! Monday we headed to the YMCA, and today we rocked it at a birthday party at the Spray Park in Gtown! Ruby is totally into water fun lately...who wouldn't be with a heat index of 110???


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