Thursday, October 29, 2009

Cotton Candy and Kale

So having KALE for lunch makes up for all of the COTTON CANDY, right?

My aunt gave this little bucket of sugary cottony candy goodness to Ruby with her other birthday gifts! Thanks CC! HAHAHAHA! No really, my dad the dentist says there is nothing wrong with having super sugary things as long as you brush regularly (really regularly)! I did deal with sugar crash that day, though. What's childhood without a good sugar high every once in a while?
Now for the surprising information: my kids LOVE KALE! Who would've "thunk" it? I saw a recipe for crispy kale chips in some family geared magazine a while back and thought I'd give it a whirl. I couldn't find the mag, but thanks to the marvels of the internet...viola, crispy kale chips in minutes. Yes, minutes. It took less than 20 to bake some super iron-y and vitamin-y goodness that Ruby and Elvis ate up!

My question to Ruby: "What is your favorite? Mac & Cheese or Kale?"
Ruby's reply: "I like the KALE the best!"
(She ended up eating more than 2 helpings of Kale and about 1/2 a helping of Mac! AHHHHmazing!)


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