Friday, October 2, 2009

The Master Cleanse...DAY 4 & 5

You totally thought I bugged out on the Master Cleanse because I didn't blog yesterday, didn't you? Well, I'm so glad to say that I am on DAY 5 and feeling awesome! Yesterday was another day just wasn't the best so I didn't feel like blogging or doing much at all. It think day 4 was the hump day that I had anticipated on day 3. Why do I feel so awesome today? Well, for one the eraser that was feared swallowed appeared yesterday afternoon...IN Elvis's after lunch poopie diaper! He DID swallow it and passed it like a CHAMP! I just hope I can keep this house free of little things he wants to swallow WHOLE (yep, the eraser was WHOLE). Anywho, today I'm completely jazzed because I am wearing a pair of shorts that I bought months ago and only wore once. I only wore them once because I very hopefully bought them a little tight thinking I would naturally lose some of my baby weight in the coming months...but didn't. That one time I wore them is probably burned in the minds of every person that saw me that day as one of the most frightening images of their lives! It was bad...I won't go into detail, but you can imagine someone at least 2 sizes too big for something squeezed in without the help of a single shaping ain't pretty! I am wearing those shorts today without any embarrassing jelly rolls spilling over the waistband and it is even comfortable sitting in them! HELLO MASTER CLEANSE!

So, today is my HALFWAY POINT! I am 1/2 finished with the Master Cleanse! I am so freaking excited that I am actually following through on something I've wanted to do for myself for so long that somehow it has gotten the ball rolling on my LIST. I've been cleaning, doing school with Ruby (that I started earlier in the Summer and just let being 'busy' take us away from it), getting organized! This Master Cleanse is more than a physical body cleanse but seems to be having a cleansing effect on my spiritual & mental body as well. It is really changing my outlook on so much! I think I'll go mostly veggie when I'm done, too...I said MOSTLY.


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