Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Master Cleanse...DAY 3 & the Green Eraser

The days keep on ticking by, but not quite quickly enough. I find myself planning what I'm going to have for my next meal not realizing (or all too aware of) that I'm not exactly eating right now. Still not physically hungry...well, that's not true. When I get hungry I just fix a lemonade and that takes care of it. I figured by today I'd be faint, but I have kept my energy. I am a little stressed but no more than on a usual day that my one year old swallows a foreign object. Yep, Elvis got a hold on one of my sister's pencils with one of those add on erasers on it. After a morning of complete insanity trying to coax the 3 year old into "helping" me find the eraser, I am at ease just waiting for it to show up in a dirty diaper or, better yet, randomly finding the eraser somewhere I hadn't thought to look earlier!

So, 1/3 through with the Master Cleanse and feeling pretty darn good...except for my obsessive thoughts of food. I can do this!!!


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