Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Way to San Jose

For a few weeks now Ruby has been asking for "star toast" for breakfast. It all began with a morning when I found there to be not one "Mommy breakfast food" in the refrigerator (I usually go for the easiest breakfast like cereal, toaster waffles or yogurt, seeing as I typically prepare all 3 squares a day...Daddy is the one that cooks eggs and pancakes on the weekends.). I bit the bullet and whipped up some french toast. YUM! That first morning I was so in to making a special breakfast, not remembering the first piece of advice from the Baby Whisperer ("start as you intend to go on"), that I went above and beyond cutting the bread into little stars. Now it is a favorite...begged for nearly every other day! Every time I make it we end up eating an hour later than we usually do, but do we care? NO! French toast is the BEST especially with a load of powdered sugar (which Ruby would eat straight from the sugar bowl...she has before)! Every morning we eat our special "star toast" it makes me think of Alex's mom and sister, Marsha & Jenny. French toast is a non negotiable part of our San Jose visit diet! Though at the San Jose branch of the Austin household we get CHALLAH bread french toast, the good stuff. I just ate lunch yet my mouth is watering at the thought of that...yummo in a big way!
Side note on San Jose: We will be going for a visit this December! It will be our first visit since Ruby was about 5 months old. We are beyond excited to hang with the family, visit San Francisco, and drive down to LA for a few days! I'm getting teary eyed thinking about it. With all of the pregnancy and downturn of the economy we haven't been there nearly enough! I find myself missing California often. xoxoxo

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