Sunday, September 6, 2009

Asleep at the...Lunch Table!

Poor Ruby! Last week she we went to visit with her BFF from Sunday School, Olivia. I totally didn't think of asking if they had dogs so I could give Ruby her allergy meds (MY fault. . .don't feel bad AT ALL, Colleen!). LESSON LEARNED! Ruby had a violent cough starting on the way home from the playdate that lasted for 2 straight days. It stopped just as abruptly as it started, but not without a REALLY pitiful day in between. I took these pictures on Thursday, dance class day. Earlier that morning she coughed so hard without a break that she threw up on the living room carpet (why does all of the gross stuff happen to us?), that was a first since the spitup days. Even though I knew she wasn't "sick", I couldn't send her to dance with a vomit inducing cough. She missed her 3rd dance class, but after this weeks class I am plenty sure she is all caught up. Back to the pictures, that Thursday she fell asleep while we were eating lunch. I felt so bad for the little allergic girl (yeah, so bad I took pictures). Check out Elvis's face, it's like "what in the world is my crazy sister doing now?" I just wanted to share, because it is something I want to remember.


  1. Poor thing!

    P.S. We have dogs at our house.

  2. Awwww, she coughed herself to sleep!! She sure must have been tired!!