Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Master Cleanse...DAY 2

OK. I've made it through another day. By my calculations I am 1/5 through the Master Cleanse! Go me! Today I discovered my weakest point in my daytime eating rituals. . .the kids' naptime. I kept myself busy and upstairs today for naptime because the urge to stuff my face with anything slightly edible was near overwhelming. I'm still not physically hungry, though, and I strangely have tons of energy. We went to our what is now a tri-weekly (but we are shooting for weekly) walk around the lakes with Liz and Bree (ah yes, over 4 miles). I was smart and went to the bathroom before we headed off, but really should have gone when we reached our Church (about the halfway point). With about a mile left my stomach started cramping (yes, the warning before the "cleansing storm")...needless to say we skipped the last loop and headed straight for the park where our cars and the bathrooms are. Wish me luck...

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