Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Chop Suey!

After nearly a week of refusing to eat more than 1/4 of a chicken nugget at each meal if anything, Ruby found her appetite this morning.  I told her last night that today we would be "going back to normal": that we would sit at the table for meals, run around like a normal kid, and not lounge watching movies all day! Breakfast went pretty well even though it was a bit strange. Ruby somehow was able to reach the leftover chopsticks from Sunday's takeout. That is what she chose to eat her yogurt with: CHOP STICKS which she ever so accurately calls "eating sticks."  Today Elvis joined Ruby for breakfast, eating some slightly paste like rice cereal made a more palatable by some 'mommy milk'.  Both kids got fed and practice eating in new ways. Something was off. OH! My oatmeal stayed in the Microwave until I found it at lunch time when I was reheating Ruby's Chick Fil A nuggets that caused her half hour temper tantrum which Elvis and I tried our hardest to ignore.  When I finally brought my lunch to the table after nursing Elvis, guess what. . .Ruby wanted my lunch instead. I know I shouldn't have, but I gave in to her politely asking for my sandwich. She actually ate it, though! It was her best meal in days! OK. So I also gave in and let her watch a movie while we ate lunch, too. But her couch lounging total for the day is only around 15 minutes! I gotta get a little more strict. It's really hard trying to get the babies back to normal when I'm just now getting sick! 


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  1. Oh girl I feel your pain. That sounds so much like what we are going through at home. We've been passing around a cold for about two weeks. How is Elvis liking rice cereal. Padraic hated it so I moved on to canned pumpkin mixed with cereal and boob milk (as we call it).