Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Hello My Baby

Michelle (with her Jayme Original)

Today was the long planned for Baby Shower for my friends Michelle and Jazmin! Everything went so smoothly this morning that I half expected my house to be blown away when I got back. We woke up around 8 (which is strangely later than usual), got dressed first, then ate breakfast, and were at Whole Foods to pick up the sandwich tray, a few last minute items and a coffee for me by 9:30 in the AM!!!! I don't know how I pulled that one off!!! 
Ruby and her boyfriend, Owen

On a side note: While we were getting ready I was telling Ruby that we were going "to the park to celebrate Ms Michelle & Ms Jazmin's new babies" and she replied to me in a very stern tone "Ms Michelle can't take my BABY BRUDDA!" I had to explain to her that Mommy's friends were going to have "new babies" which she replied "baby brudda is a NEW BABY, and they can't have him. . he mine!" It was like trying to cram an 18 wheeler into a compact car, but I finally got her to understand that they are going to have totally new different babies and won't be coming to steal her baby brother any time soon! 
Mommy and Elvis (who is not going anywhere)

Back to the party! We couldn't have asked for better weather, but could have asked for the presence of mind to bring sunblock! It was in the high 60s and super sunny, the perfect weather for running around the park and hurting yourself. Both of which Ruby did.  First, she walked in front of a kid on the swings and got kicked in the head. Then, she fell off a picnic bench and banged her head on the concrete.  I heard that one because I was a mere foot away from her. I don't know how I let it happen, the whole thing felt like slow motion but I was in slower motion. She's upstairs sleeping it off. . .no, I'm kidding! I kept her up the few hours you should be up after a head bonk (I'm not THAT terrible). Aside from the injuries (which are bound to happen to someone on a visit to the park) I think all of the kiddos and moms had a super time, I know we did! The food was great, the company was awesome, and the love overflowed. Now, we just can't wait to meet the two little girls we celebrated today!
Michelle and Jazmin (with their super awesome Kim Kreations)

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  1. It was such a perfect day and I LOVE my new creation to announce to the world in the hospital that Kaisley is inside!!!! Thank you for everything!

    And poor Ruby for thinking we were taking Baby Brudda away from her!!!! :(