Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Teenage

Last week while we were all really sick (we're all still sick, but 'go-out-able') my little sister turned 13 and we didn't have a family birthday dinner. Last night we all got together at first in honor of us being well enough to even hang out, but then realized we hadn't had a family round of "happy birthday" singing! Luckily we were at a Mexican restaurant that was fully prepared to embarrass the birthday girl with a lovely poncho and rockin' sombrero! It was really funny, they put it all on her to sing then LEFT IT ON HER! I so wish we had done the singing earlier so she could have worn them all through dinner, that would have been just fabulous :) ! Ruby was super excited about her Nana's new duds and got to wear them with her, but then became very worried that we had no birthday cake. She asked, "where is Nana's birthday cake. . .where is it??" I thought that was so sweet of her, looking out for her beloved Nana Becca! We love you, Becca! Happy Birthday, again. I was 15 when she was born, it's just another thing to remind me that I can't stop myself from aging. Getting old, another topic all together! 


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  1. Happy Birthday to Becca! Sounds like a fun dinner! Glad to hear you guys are feeling better!