Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Down with the sickness!

Ruby has been sick for 2 days now. It started at about 11pm on Tuesday night when I heard her talking in her sleep. When I went to check on her she was curled in a little ball shaking and completely delirious!  I took her temperature and she definitely had a fever. . .one that caused her to talk constant weirdness. She talked about things that had happened during the day, she assigned each of us a color ("Mommy Blue, Baby Brudda Green, Daddy White, Ruby is Pink" she said), she also pointed at random places asking if I was seeing what she was seeing (unfortunately she was totally hallucinating). After a pretty interesting night, she wasn't totally well but seemed OK. Her fever was only at about 101, which never really worries us. I let her veg as long as she wanted! We watched ELF & plenty of Nick Jr. So, with a sick one I am always taking temperatures (all of ours). Our new handy dandy Temporal Artery Thermometer got put to the test and FAILED MISERABLY! I ended up rushing Ruby to the Dr. yesterday afternoon because that new thermometer gave me a 107.4 reading on Ruby (I took her temp just after with our old thermometer which gave me a 103 reading, I still went to the Dr. just in case)! I made sure to bring the new thermometer with us.  It gave us another over 107 reading just before the nurse took her temp with their super expensive medical grade Temporal Artery Thermometer. . .it was 103 (the nurse checked 3 times!).  I have to retract my earlier raving about my new thermometer. . .IT SUCKS! Our visit to the Dr., though it gave me a little peace of mind, didn't come up with much. Flu test: Negative. Strep test: Negative. We just have to alternate Motrin and Tylenol until the virus passes. Ruby is as happy as ever because I've been letting her eat popcicles, drink large amounts of juice, and lay on the couch watching movies all day!~ 
Ruby eating on the couch (only on a SICK DAY!)

Other notables:
1. We went to the Dr for the 2nd time in 2 days today for Elvis's 4 month checkup! He's 17 lbs. and 27 inches tall! 
2. Elvis is totally going bald. Dr Hart called it the "monk" hairstyle! 
3. My sister turned 13 yesterday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BEX!
4. Cabin Fever should be completely set in by tomorrow! 
5. Even though we are confined to our house, I can't seem to get any house work done! Our house is a total wreck!!!

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