Wednesday, January 28, 2009

California Dreamin'

Alex and I have been talking a lot about California lately.  I don't know why. Maybe it's because we haven't been back since we left, maybe it is because we want to share it with our babies, maybe it's because we are so horribly stressed that we find ourselves longing for an easier time. Whatever the case may be, our first home together, LA, has been popping up everywhere.  Just yesterday as I was driving to pick up my sister from softball practice during the "baby rush hour" that we have here I felt myself invigorated by driving with lots (not as many as LA during non rush hour times, have you) of other cars.  How insane, I actually miss the 6 lanes in 1 direction traffic (I'm sure that would go away after only a handful of drives in it, especially now with little ones who are known to scream at the top of their lungs in the car but I was longing for it just yesterday all the same). Al and I have realized that the places we most miss are food based!  This after making a list of places we MUST go while visiting. You ask, "do you have a trip planned?" In our heads, YES! Actually, NO! We've been throwing around the idea of using our tax return (God will we'll get one!) to take a trip out west, but who knows. . .we have PLENTY of other more practical things to spend that money on.   

Favorite things about the City of Angels:
1. How YOUNG we look in those pictures!
2. Disneyland 
3. Versailles (isn't that in France. . no, silly, it is an AMAZING Cuban restaurant. . you would think now that we live much closer to Cuba that there would be good Cuban food here????? We've yet to find it)
4. Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles
5. My hair always looked good there. . .I want my hair back from the 'deer in headlights' pic above!!!
6. California Adventure (another park of Disneyland) & the most fabulous corn dogs on the face of this earth! 
7. OUR FRIENDS (for those of you reading this, this list has no order of importance!!!! We LOVE YOU GUYS!)
8. Mulholland Drive 
9. Santee Alley & the Garment District
10. The Standard, Girls in the Aquarium, and where I used to get my hair cut (can't remember the name, but it rocked)
11. Driving through neighborhoods filled with amazing houses!
12. Baja Fresh!!!
13. Premier Party Crashing

OK. . I have to stop here. . .I'm scaring myself!  I didn't realize just how much I missed that place until now. Holy macaroni, I think I could keep going for a WHILE!  Time to come down. . 

Least Favorite things about "HELL"A:
1. Working 4 jobs between the 2 of us.
2. My 2 jobs. . .hated them!
3. Borrowing money from my mom.
4. Selling CDs for food money. . even though we were constantly working!

Now I can't stop thinking of why I love it there. . .MONEY, the only reason we don't! 

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