Friday, January 23, 2009

Going Green

Ruby has slept pull-up free for 2 nights now.  She's just doing her part to reduce pollution . . . no more yucky diapers in the garbage for Ruby! She's been potty trained for a few months now, Alex and I just haven't been brave enough to do away with the nighttime pull-up until now (our new found courage came in the form of a waterproof cover for Ruby's mattress).  Ruby has also found a little more independence, while I was nursing Elvis this morning she went to the potty all by herself! Ruby does something new and amazing every day, which makes the other kind of 'going green' easier to take. Not EASY to take, but EASIER.  The HULKING OUT began at the breakfast table (see the photo of Ruby spitting out her milk) and continued on for hours.  By the time we were ready to get out of the house all three of us had had a HULKING OUT incident! Ruby apparently didn't want to sit in her booster seat to eat breakfast (earlier in the week I had a moment of insanity when I let her sit in a big chair to eat) and it seemed as if sitting in the booster seat made everything taste like "poop"! Her exact words : "it taste like poop, mom, breakfast like poop!" Oh well! I had a moment of weakness and joined Ruby in HULKING OUT a bit when she refused to cooperate in taking a few photos of her super cool "Big in Japan" shirt (Daddy designed it and the company that produces them wants a shot of her in it for their website b/c the baby on the shirt is her). What Mother/Daughter bonding: a tandem freak out! The Elvis HULKING OUT started as we wrapped up taking pictures (Ruby accidentally rolled over on him) and continued through me taking a shower. The moment I got out of the shower and he caught the slightest glimpse of my face he fell asleep! So, after probably two straight hours of one or more of us screaming we were off to "The Market" (that's what Ruby calls Whole Foods & the Farmer's Market) to get some groceries (yes, that skipped visit came back to bite me in the butt) when all I wanted was a nap! 

We were all three too tired to cause any drama while grocery shopping.  (Check out my make shift shopping cart!) We did practice colors and learn what chickens look like when they are cooked whole! I ALWAYS time out our adventures in grocery shopping so that we eat lunch from Prepared Foods first then we shop.  I usually end up with full, happy, sleepy kids that way.  A kink in the plan has recently presented itself though.  Now that Ruby is potty trained AND I have another baby (aka another diaper to change), our post lunch/pre shopping visit to the restroom takes me no less than 20
minutes . . . and that is moving at the speed of light! It takes a real resolve to go ahead with shopping after that (especially after the morning we had)! I probably could have slept on the floor in the frozen aisle . . . that is how wiped I feel! From the second we left that bathroom Ruby began asking for "cheese, Mommy, cheese!" Thank goodness here 'dealer' was working today! Check out that frickin bowl of cheese. . .and with a SPOON!!! All I can say is "WOW! Thanks Annie Laurie!" The only problem with that cheese is it turned to soup in her mouth, and for a 2 year old that has yet to master not talking with a mouth full it was pretty messy! No worries, it kept her SO happy for the rest of our culinary journey and gave me something yummy for a little afternoon snack! Rounding off the "tour of tired", we stopped by
my mom's office for Ruby to "do emails" (at least that's what she said).  Mom (aka Honey) likes to parade Ruby and Elvis around her office every once in a while!  I guess that is part of the joy of having grandchildren, to have everyone drool over them and tell you how beautiful they are then, instead of having to take care of them, you can just give them right back to their parents. Cool for Grandmas! 

Other things of note from today:
1. Elvis slept from bedtime to 5.30 am then right back to sleep after nursing. . .he woke up for reals at 8.30!!!!  Awesome!
2. My right one is in pain and leaking . . . I hate to complain about a longer than usual nap, but OUCH! 
3. Tonight is MOVIE NIGHT & we have Monsters Inc. to watch! 
4. Our house is a WRECK, I've been avoiding cleaning and laundry for days! 
5. Oh, Ruby DID watch Lilo and Stitch after her nap yesterday. . .I KNEW she would ask for it! 


  1. I am SO EXCITED you started this blog! Makes me feel like I get to see you guys EVERY DAY! :) lOVE YAS!

  2. Who is this?. . I can't access your profile. I would say, love yas too, but I have no idea who I'd be saying to. . .though I have a few guesses!