Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Jumping off the proverbial bridge...

So, I guess since 'everyone is doing it' so will we! I've been struggling how to document our daily life so that my little ones will have something to remember and so those interested can keep up with us.  Ruby has a baby book and my journals to look back at her first months of existence, but I haven't even STARTED a baby book for Elvis (he was four months old yesterday)! I am forever on the computer checking email and doing bills, so this option fits. Here I go . . .

We are the Austin Family of Baton Rouge, LA by way of San Jose, CA (Alex aka Dad); Long Beach, MS (Jayme aka Mom); Jackson, MS (J); New York, NY (J); San Francisco, CA (A); Los Angeles, CA (J&A); New Orleans, LA (J&A); Long Beach, MS (this time J&A with Ruby, long story that I'll tell one day).  We've been around our fair share of places & scenes, but now totally enjoy our 'normal' family life.  Our amazing children are Ruby (2 years) and Elvis (4 months).  I was just thinking last night that even though I know they haven't always been with us, I can barely remember life without either of them!  It's like the parent mind meld, you just can't even imagine life without them.  A great quote I heard while I was pregnant with Ruby: 'Having a baby is like finding a long lost part of you that you never realized was missing.' That is so true! 

A few things you should know that might make reading about us in the future easier: 
1. We struggle every day to remain true to our pre-kids selves.  We were once really cool people and hope to stay that way (just saying that makes me feel lame, though).  
2. We are planning to homeschool our kids, however many we have.  
3. We are both artists (Alex is a graphic designer and I am a photographer).  
4. We are teetering on the edge of 'granola'. . .Whole Foods Market all the way, Saturday trips to the Farmer's Market, a total boycott of WalMart, Alex is veggie (will most definitely be the topic of a future frustration blog), all this and I still have a secret addiction to preservative laden snacks!
5. We are insane about movies (all of us, even the baby!).
6. If we could ever save the money, we would travel all over the world. 
7. I would breastfeed my babies until they are 5 if that's what they wanted, though it doesn't seem to be what they want. 
8. Alex and I enjoy watching Sesame Street & Disney movies just as much as our babies do! 
9. Tattoos and odd colored hair are pretty normal to us.  
10. We have so much love in our house, it is crazy! All aboard the CRAZY TRAIN! 


  1. Yeah for a new blog to follow!!!! Looking forward to it!

  2. I like the new blog, what a good looking family.
    you guys rock!

  3. I love following friends' blogs and you're so descriptive. Love it. I've been meaning to tell you - this family pic is awesome - so good of all of you.