Saturday, January 24, 2009

Mama's Boy

When Ruby woke up this morning all smiles squealing "Baby Brudda, I want to see him", I knew today was going to be a good one. . all about Elvis. After watching Monsters Inc. for the 3rd time (that's right, the first time was last night. . .we watched it twice before lunch), my mom and sister came very last minute to pick up Ruby to give me some time to clean up the house without a little toddler shadow. Ruby LOVES to hang out with her Nana Becca, and went so willingly with her that it made my heart break just for a second.  I have managed to get a little cleaning done, but more importantly I got some one on one time with my little man! You can never be really prepared for your second child. It is almost more of a shock than having the first.  I thought I had so much figured out: changing diapers, feeding, playing, teaching, snuggling.  I was warned but didn't believe how different it would be! I caught myself yesterday at nap time telling Ruby "you're my favorite" and had to quickly add "little girl in the whole wide world!" Old only child having habits are hard to break so a little time alone with my youngest should help. We laid around on the floor together where I stared and smooched (holy macaroni, have you ever smelled breastmilk breath. . .it is insanely yummy smelling, like candy) and he pulled my hair and drooled.  I put him in his Bumbo to play with the cars he got for Christmas, Elvis thought that was pretty smart. That Bumbo is such a cool invention!  He got totally tired and passed out after getting a little milk drunk only to wake up an hour later screaming from teething pains, my poor baby. Cutting teeth must horrible, I'm so glad I don't remember that part of being little! Luckily I'm a professional baby cuddler and I have extensive knowledge of Baby Tylenol dosage, he is now back napping happily in Daddy's arms (while Dad reads comic books, right on!). 

Going back to 'cool inventions' I have a few I've been wanting to share with, well, anyone who cares.  The first is my super amazing temporal artery thermometer. I put it on our Christmas list after seeing it used at our pediatrician's office.  It takes your temperature as accurately as the dreaded rectal probe by processing several temps collected by infrared technology and averaging them out.  You just start by placing the end of the thermometer on your babies forehead, depressing the button, and sliding the thermometer into the hairline.  It is great!! I've taken Ruby and Elvis's temps while they are sleeping! The second on my list of cool finds is my new PreserveRecycled Food Storage Containers.  They are
made from 100% recycled plastic, are BPAfree (a really big deal amongst all of my mom friends), are
dishwasher safe, are stackable, are recyclable, and have a really cute green apple design that just so happens to go with what I'm going for in our kitchen! These cute little containers (19 oz & 25 oz) also have a great tagline, "powered by leftovers." LOVE IT! 

Notes from today:
1. Ruby apparently knows what "punching" is because she punched Elvis with a closed fist and said "I punch him." Note to self: pay a little more attention to what is going into that little brain of hers!
2. I tried to clean the sliding glass doors while it was lightly raining. . .what is wrong with me? 
3. We are going to visit my Dad (aka Gramps) and my Bestie from High School, Ami, tomorrow. 
4. Alex brought me 4 cookies, a piece of King Cake (some of the best I've ever had, all it need was a little cream cheese), and a Ginger Ale when he came home from work (no I didn't eat it ALL)! That in addition to the surprise I woke up to, he did the dishes piled up in the kitchen BEFORE he went to work! What an amazing man! GO ALEX! 
5. Word to the wise: DO NOT put apple juice in your daily dose of prune juice to make it taste yummier.  It does do that, but MUCH MUCH MORE!!! 


  1. Elvis is gorgeoussssssssss...
    The pic of the two of you is great!

  2. I totally want to know the EXACT thermometer you have (& where you got it)....I want one!!!!