Friday, January 30, 2009

Ps in a Pod

The pod is our house. The Ps: poop, prime, pink, paper, and pampers.

While showering this morning a naked Ruby (she refused to put on clothes so I thought "what's the harm in letting her run around in the nude while i shower?") runs into the bathroom saying "Poop on my bed, poop on my bed!" Now Ruby is potty trained and has been for a while now, so I thought I MUST be misunderstanding her! As her little hand reached into the shower and grabbed a travel size shampoo bottle it hit me that she was saying "poo" as in shampoo.  She had to have been stealing the shampoo and putting on all over her bed. I asked her "Did you say poo, like shampoo, is on my bed? Did you, Ruby? That's what you said, right? SHAMPOO? A soft "yeah" came from her. This didn't make me happy, but was much better than the alternative! I continued with my shower with peace of mind just KNOWING the latter had happened (Ruby often gets ahold of my little shampoos and uses them like lotion). To my horror I found a much different scene as I exited the shower. Yes, Jayme, there is POOP on the bed! You see, Ruby has been experimenting with going to the potty on her own.  Up until now if she has had to do #2 she stays on the potty to let me "pat pat", what we call the cleaning off process. Oh goodness, but not today.  I'm assuming she tried to do the whole shebang herself while I was showering but was not quite a thorough as I am. Poor Ruby ended up leaving the skid mark to end all skid marks on her WHITE quilt! I couldn't get mad, she said "I'm sorry Mommy it was an accident!" Can you believe that, shame at 2 years old! As disgusting as the poop on the bedspread was, the situation was twice that but adorable. 

After the 'incident' Ruby gave into my request for her to put on some clothes. We settled on a pair of jeans and her Beatles t-shirt, it was really cute. Only minutes later she found a box of clothes I have hiding in the closet for Elvis. The first thing she pulled out was a Marvel Superhero sweatshirt, she didn't have any interest in wear it even though it was big enough to wear. Uh oh, she then found the Transformers t-shirt in her size.  She started immediately saying "this is MY OPTIMUS PRIME!!! MY OPTIMUS PRIME!!! I wear it! I wear it!!!" I had no good reason for her not to wear it, and no energy to fight with her to keep on her perfectly good shirt. . .so now she has an Optimus PRIME t-shirt that she will every so kindly let her baby brother wear when he 'grows up'! 
This is a first for me! I turned an ENTIRE LOAD of clothes PINK! This load of clothes included 2 of the new towels I bought for the kids' room with yard sale money (formerly yellow & green), my favorite bra that I converted into a nursing bra (formerly white), a church dress of Ruby's that she has never worn (formerly white), another dress of Ruby's that she has never worn (formerly yellow), a worn twice sweatsuit of Ruby's, and one of the only t-shirts that fits me right.  Now all of these items, plus nearly a dozen others, are tie dyed PINK!!! Argh! Alex's reply to my frustration is that "we still have our health", but that isn't my point. We have few nice things and I would just like them to STAY NICE!!! Blah! (see below the culprits, my super bra, and Ruby's dress . . . they all look much pinker in person)
As if Ruby's bathroom adventures weren't enough for the day, she decided she'd try out toilet paper as a candy! I left her in her room to go get something downstairs. When I came back I found her at the toilet paper roll breaking off tiny pieces and putting them in her mouth. Ew gross! She did spit them out in my hand when I asked her to.  She said "that not like candy!" No kidding that's not like candy! Hey, now she knows! 

OK, so we don't use pampers, but I had to keep with the Ps! When we woke up this morning we had 3 disposable diapers.  Thank goodness I had the best of intentions before Elvis was born to use cloth diapers, because we would have been up the creek today! If he hadn't have come so early (Elvis was born 4 weeks early) I would have had all of the diapers/covers/supplies I needed for cloth diapering, but that isn't worth dwelling on. I cloth diapered Ruby until we moved into an apartment with communal laundry (I just didn't want to go there, though there are people that do) and really planned on doing the same with Elvis.  He's been in cloth all day, long enough for me to realize that the diaper covers I had for him are way too small now and that I want to start diapering him in cloth from now on! I just have to order new, bigger covers, and a few extra things. . .I don't have a bag to keep dirties in (VERY IMPORTANT)!  

That's been our day! Lots of laughing is getting us through! 

Other things of note from today:
1. Ruby says her ABCs really well now, though still with the help of her little LeapFrog thingie. 
2. Elvis and Ruby are at this very moment napping at THE SAME TIME!
3. I moved on from the laundry catastrophe to do 3 more loads of un-PINKED laundry. 
4. Our computer is on its last leg (it is 7 years old). . .it is making this really annoying hiccuping sound. . .we're going to have to spend that tax return on a new computer! 
5. Ruby leaves this afternoon with Honey and Nana to visit Mimi and Papa. (gotta love those nicknames!) 

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