Thursday, January 22, 2009

Hide and Peek

Apparently yesterday was only the beginning of a hiding phase for Ruby.  In an attempt to not have to go upstairs and get dressed for the day in addition to falling to the floor to render herself immobile she slithered herself underneath the kitchen cabinets. Very creative, Ruby! She stayed underneath our beloved IKEA sink cabinet just long enough for me to snap some pictures as proof.  What does this mean for us, the parents of little Houdini? I don't know! I guess when we have her somewhere where she can really hide we need to keep her strapped in or in hand (which we do already anyhow).  

Yesterday I was multitasking, as all mothers must do during the coveted nap time. I was channel surfing while writing while eating a snack while remaining on call for crying babes.  I happened upon the very moment on Dr. Phil (not my usual fair) when the words 'not ashamed of breastfeeding' were uttered.  My interest was peaked! Having been a part of a Nurse In or two, I'm always interested to hear what other people are going through.  It turned out to be a smaller segment of an episode about living your life out in the I generation. Not quite the scandal I thought I was going to be watching. But, unfortunately I had to open my big mouth on my Mom's group message board (I've done this once before to not so happy results. . .feelings hurt & people all mad. . .it wouldn't be so bad if I didn't actually know these people). Of course from just my mention of the Dr. Phil show (with nothing voicing my own opinion this time. . I thought I was being safe) I freaking opened a can of worms...AGAIN!! I SWEAR it didn't cross my mind that I might be starting sh*t until after I posted! I guess I can see a point on both sides. I do understand that most people in Western culture are brainwashed into thinking that breastfeeding is something to hide, even something vulgar (though most of these people seem to be women. . .what man would cover up boobies? some men may say it makes them uncomfortable, but they are nearly always lying in the faces of the woman they are with!) & that "rules is rules" on those sites. Though the question is asked "why do these breastfeeding women feel the need to post a picture of themselves 
breastfeeding?" In response I ask "why do some people feel the need to post pictures of themselves pregnant? bottle feeding their baby? just plain sitting with their baby? at a birthday party? on vacation? at a soccer game? out on the town?" (you get my point) The answer is the same for all of those.  . .it is a point in their life they want to remember and share with others because it is important to them.  Isn't that what these social networking sites are all about. . .letting your friends and family in on all the happenings of your life you deem important?  Don't hate me if next time you see me breastfeeding my baby and you get a little peek! Oops! 

We went to eat lunch with Daddy today!  This is one of Ruby's favorite things to do.  Months ago when we pulled up to Whole Foods Ruby would scream "Daddy's house!"  I think now I have her trained to say "Daddy's work" but it still holds the same excitement for her.  She is forever asking if we can go see Daddy and get Whole Foods pizza.  That's what they ate today, pizza!  I, on the other hand, opted for a yummy pulled chicken sandwich with BBQ sauce, some other sauce, cheese and "salad".  To my horror, my first bite contained a chicken bone! Now this is totally understandable because they cook all of their chicken fresh, but I was still freaked out for a second.  In my sophomore year of high school the same thing happened and I didn't eat meat for 3 years! Thank goodness for all of the other important things that constantly flood my mind. . .it didn't even ruin my lunch! I just put it on my plate and kept on eating. Go MEAT! 

After lunch we went to the fabric store just to see what was going on there!  I like to pop in from time to time to see what is on sale. The home dec fabric was 50% off so I got a few things I thought might make nice modern portrait backgrounds.  We'll see how that goes.  I was planning on going to WFM for groceries right after, but when we got into the parking lot both of the babies were sound asleep.  Now, years ago I may have turned my nose up at the idea of me ever saying this but, "SWEET RELIEF!" they were (and still are) asleep so as soon as I made a mental check that I had something to fix for dinner I high tailed it home for some much needed "me time". Groceries can wait, I love me a peaceful nap time!

Other things of note from today:
1. My mom brought us breakfast from McDonald's . . . THANKS, MOM! I'm eating those cinnamon roll thingies right now.
2. I convinced Ruby to watch Tinkerbell instead of Lilo & Stitch for the 3rd day in a row.  . .we'll see what she asks for after her
3. The weather today is 
very much like a day in LA 
. . . sometimes I really miss it!
4. Elvis's hair won't stop falling out!  As if the bald spot isn't enough, his beautiful hair is coming out in clumps when I run my fingers through it.  
5. Ruby and Elvis still seem to be "best friends", that's awesome! 

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  1. Awwww, I love that Ruby and Elvis are best friends! Too sweet!