Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tummy time, chocolate, and where's Ruby?

I've been struggling to get in the habit of letting Elvis have 'tummy time'.  Apparently when our parents put us to bed on our tummies it increased the number of cases of SIDS, but did wonders for our muscle development.  Did you know that tons of kids skip crawling all together because of new safe sleeping practices? Neither did I!  I also ask, how in the world do I actually find time for tummy time when I have a 2 year old that would LOVE to pick up a baby from the floor running around? Our doctor says to leave him on his stomach in his crib for a few minutes a day, but do you know what this turns into? Elvis screaming his head off, that's what! Not just regular screaming that calms when you pick him up. . .crazy, drooly, snorty, pissed off, nothing is going to quiet my anger screaming!  The flip side of no tummy time apparently is delayed rolling over, delays in muscle strengthening, and a really silly looking bald spot on the back of his head (I don't have a picture of that but promise to post one when I do).  So, is it worth the mental and emotional strain on all of us or is it OK to be a little delayed? The jury is still out on that one!  Right now we're on an every other day plan: one day of crazy screaming and one day of being slackers!

Thanks to Aunt Jenny (Alex's sister) we have super yummy chocolates from Switzerland!  She picked them up at the Lindt chocolate factory on her recent trip to Europe.  They are fabulous! Alex ate a third of the box last night and Ruby & I had them for dessert today after lunch. There really is nothing like Swiss chocolate. . . hello decadence! I totally thought our newest yummy snack deserved a mention when I saw Ruby put an entire piece in her mouth and say, with mouth full, "it's delicious!"

While putting together my first post for this blog I heard the unmistakable thunder from upstairs that could only be Ruby emptying out her toys onto the floor.  Though, this time it was much louder than usual!  I tiptoed up the stairs so as not to let on that I was trying to peek in on her only to find . . . NO RUBY??? Toys EVERYWHERE, but where was Ruby? I wasn't all that concerned because she had to be somewhere, we have a gate on their door.  So what hiding space was she in? Under the bed? NO. In the closet? NO. In the bathroom? NO. Where was that giggling coming from? AHAH! The tall cabinet next to the changing table! There she was!  She hasn't gotten in there since we put it together and there where no shelves & she has NEVER really hidden like that either!  It was so cute, she kept going in and out playing with me. That is, she did until I wanted her to go back in so I could take a picture! What a stinker!  

Other things of note from today:
1. Ruby talks about her "friends" often, but today she told me that her baby brother is her "best friend". 
2. Ruby was super sick yesterday with a runny nose and cough so bad that she vomited 3 times, but today she seems MUCH better.  No runny nose (maybe a little congestion), hardly any coughing, and no fever!
3. We've watched Lilo and Stitch for two days running. After we watched it today, Ruby said "AGAIN!"
4. We haven't gotten out of our pajamas yet and it is 3 pm! 
5. Tonight is Ruby's Spend the Night Night with Honey and Nana (my mom and sis). 

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