Monday, January 26, 2009

Flat Tire

About an hour into our day trip to Jackson we thought we hit 
something on the road, but alas, after a few minutes of driving on it Alex peeked back in the mirror and discovered we had a FLAT 
TIRE!!! Man, we were so lucky Alex was with us!  We drove on the flat for another few minutes to get safely
to a service station to change the it. I would have freaked, cried a little (meaning alot) and stopped on the side of the road if I had been by myself, putting us further in the sh*tter! Al knew exactly where the jack and spare key were (I couldn't have
guessed in a million years where to find them)! I felt pretty awesome taking the bolts off the spare. . .just so I could say "I HELPED!" Surprisingly only one car passed by us really slowly with prying eyes, though they didn't even offer help. Rebecca, Ruby, and Elvis slept through the entire ordeal!  We were back on
the road again hurtling towards our destination in probably less than 20, of course only after Alex made sure I knew where all of the emergency tire changing goods are kept. Hello manly man Al! We went on to have a fabulous day with Ami and her family (THANKS to Mrs. Isbell for that wonderful brunch!!! I must get your recipe for that sausage casserole!).  Then we made it to Gramps's house for a relaxing afternoon of hanging out and watching movies (I think we watched 3).  We really need to have more Jtown road trips, just minus the flat tire (especially since Alex had to go buy a new tire and have it installed & that ain'tcheap)! To sum our trip all up: Thank God for Friends, Thank God for Family, THANK GOD FOR HUSBANDS WHO CHANGE FLAT TIRES (especially mine, xoxo)!

Other notes from our trip:
1. Ruby was amazed by "the woods" we were driving through! I guess she needs to see more trees on a regular basis!
2. Alex bought 2 breakfasts for himself b/c the first McDs we went to put MEAT on his sandwich! Oh, the horror!
3. I sat in the back of the car so Becca could have room for her constantly growing long legs in the front! I am a super sister!
4. Ruby had a fun time running around Gramps's house like she owned the place!
5. For the FIRST time we put Ruby and Elvis in their PJs before we headed home. . .it worked well for Ruby, she has much more practice being flexible, but Elvis had a hard time staying asleep once we got home so we ended up having a Family Bed last night . . . that was a first, too!

p.s. All of these pictures were taken with my cell phone. . .pretty good, huh? Yay for a 2 mega pixel camera phone!

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  1. Oy! Flat tires suck!

    So, seeing this pictures of Elvis recently, I feel like it's been forever since I've seen him....he's changing so fast!